Captive Atelier is a one-woman fine jewellery brand designed and made by Jade in her Montréal studio.

Creating annual collections as a form of artistic expression, Captive Atelier is founded and designed by Jade Boutilier. Captive's most prominent collection Ruin, depicts rock-like textures that have slowly become part of the brands signature style.

Jade's approach to goldsmithing uses the lost wax casting process. Transforming hand-carved wax into sculptural jewelery, Jade creates elegant and bold pieces. Each creation is made with meticulous attention and polished to a mirror finish. Working in both silver and gold, Jade often uses genuine stones and accents of oxidation to enhance her work.

Rebranded in 2021, Captive Atelier, is named after a body of unfinished sculptures carved by Michaelangelo Buonarroti. Depicting men and women held “captive” in raw marble, they reveal markings made by the artist's hand. Discovered while Jade studied jewellery design in Florence, Italy, the sculptures remain a strong source of inspiration behind the brand.


For all wholesale inquiries please email,

  • Jade Boutilier
  • info@captiveatelier.com
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