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Captive is a one woman artisanal jewellery brand based in Montreal Canada.

Our Latest, Novae


Inspired by transient events in the stars overhead, the Novae collection perceives a moment in time in which something dormant suddenly appears new again.

Novae are explosions of stars near the end of their lifespan, causing them to emit an intense, brilliant light. Ancient civilizations mistook these explosions as the creation of new stars within their galaxy.


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Made by Hand

Jade blends high realism with organic forms to create statement jewellery for the everyday. Using precious metals and genuine stones, bodies of work are created to entice the eye and stand out in quality.

Custom Orders

Like what you see, but can't find the perfect piece? Jade enthusiastically accepts custom orders that fall under her range of expertise. To see some of her previous commissions and submit one of your own, click below!


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